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Ming’s carries the largest collection of Antique Chinese Snuff Bottles and authentic Antique & Vintage Japanese Netsuke. All of Netsuke on display were legally imported & sourced from marine ivory.

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Antique Chinese Jade Scholar`s Amulet of Fish, Symbol of continued familial lineage. 18th Century
Antique Chinese Jade Scholar`s Amulet of Turtle, Symbol of Longevity, w/antique Amber
Fine collection of Antique & Vintage Peking Glass Vases, Bowls & Scholar`s Items. Beijing, China, C 1800`s-1970
Unusual Pair of Vintage Cloisonne Vases ~ C1970`s
Antique Chinese Jade Pendant, Bat on Bi(Circle) ~ Symbols of Happiness & Eternity. 18th C.
Fine Chinese Vintage Cloisonne Vases
Antique Japanese Finely Hand Lacquered Hair Ornaments
Vintage Chinese Cloisonne
Selection of Fine Japanese Imperial Court Dolls, Meiji Period, C 1900
Vintage & Antique 'Bonsai' Mudmen
Selection of Antique & Vintage Cloisonne
Antique Chinese Jade Pi/Bi - Scalloped w/Pierced Bat Motif, Ching Dynasty, Lt 18th, E.19th
Antique Chinese Jade Scholar`s Jade Amulet of Turtle, w/amber, 18th Century
Antique Chinese Cloisonne